Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A whale of a tale!

Today Mom and a good family friend flew out to San Diego with me early this morning and we had the day to kill and get settled before I board the boat tomorrow. We decided I'd get ready for my new sea legs and we went whale watching out on the Pacific! On our way out of the San Diego Bay, we saw hundreds of dolphins and seals (maybe sea lions?) and we ended up getting to see about 15 different whales. We chased them around the Pacific for about 3 hours, and then came back to the San Diego Bay, hopped off the boat and went straight to the hotel. There are tons of SAS students staying here, so it was a little overwhelming walking into a lobby full of excited students just like me. I also found out I got the roommate I requested, and there are going to be 4 of us in one room (which seems like it would be super cramped, but the room seems twice as large as the other ones, so I think we should be fine). I’m excited to start my trip tomorrow, and today was a good start!


Stats of the day:
1st duffle bag weight- 50 lbs
2nd duffle bag weight- 69 lbs (oops!)
Time in the air- 5 hours L
Time on the boat- 4 hours J
Dolphins seen- too many to count!
Whales seen- 15

Our boat for the day

Seals sleeping on a buoy

Some of the hundreds of dolphins!

Whale tale

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