Friday, January 25, 2013

T minus 1 day

Today, it has finally started to hit me that I don’t want to be on the ship anymore. It is our 9th day without touching land, and I am getting really sick of all the rocking. It helped when it was nice out and we could do our homework outside while tanning, but we hit the storm about 3 days ago and since then it’s been too cold and windy to even go outside. I think everyone is getting cabin fever and the fact that we are so close to Japan in making everyone anxious. Last night, it was so rocky the picture hanging above our beds fell off and landed on me. That was the last straw for me. What makes it worse is we have only had 1 day off from class, so we haven’t really had a break.  I have gotten my sea legs, but we hit a storm the other night. We were literally lifted into the air on some waves- it was crazy.

There are these two guys who started an Insanity class and lead it on the deck in the afternoon, so watching the sunset while I'm killing myself makes it better. I also went to some hip hop class this girl was teaching. Classes are going... I am not a huge fan of them because I am not in the school mindset. We would read and do homework on the pool deck while tanning, and it's a struggle to motivate myself to pay attention.

We get to Japan tomorrow (FINALLY) and from there it's pretty much a whirlwind until India. We have 5 days in Japan, then 2 days on the ship, then 6 in China, then 2 on the ship then 6 in Vietnam, 3 on the ship, 2 in Singapore, 3 on the ship, then 5 in Burma. The entire month of February, we are only in class for 10 days because the rest in travelling.

We also got extended families (teachers have their families on the boat, so students can sign up to be a part of one) Mines pretty cool. The dad is an anthropology teacher, and the mom is a psychiatrist. They have 3 kids (a 14 year old, 12 year old and 5 year old) We had dinner the other night and they bought us food from the pool deck (which is the equivalent of going to Prime here on the ship, but instead of steak and baked potatoes it's pizza and chips) WE HAD TACO NIGHT!  Possibly the greatest thing ever. The chefs on this ship only know how to cook different types of pasta and potatoes with a side of mystery meat. The salad has also become pretty slim pickins because we can't get fresh produce while we are at sea and the lettuce is starting to turn brown... yum.


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  1. I am so excited for you to have the chance to explore Japan and I know you will get some great pictures. Hope your land legs come right back,too :)